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Introducing our new addition to the Brave New Spirits Family: Da Gama Single-Barrel Rum

October 19, 2023

The world of rum has always been associated with adventure and mystery, so it’s no wonder that it caught our ‘brave’ team’s attention! We ventured forth to explore the world of this hugely versatile spirit, and explore the vast range of flavours that rum has to offer. The art of crafting rum has been perfected over centuries, and the popularity of rum continues to soar. We are therefore excited & proud to present to our newest ‘adventure’ – five exquisite single-cask rum bottlings.

In this series, we focused on finding exceptional casks from different distilleries around the world,  to showcase the diverse range of flavours and styles the rum world has to offer. We sought out single cask releases, to ensure each bottling is unique, and showcases the individual character of the rum.

Da Gama Rum, French Guyana, 11 years old, 57.3% ABV, 252 bottles in total

Hailing from the historic Diamond Distillery on the east bank of the Demerara river, this rum originally aged for 6 years in a rum cask, before being transferred to an American refill bourbon barrel. On the palate, this rum brings flavours of ripe banana, butter shortbread, crème brule, demerara sugar and burnt orange zest.

Da Gama Rum, Venezuela, 15 years old, 55.15 ABV, 261 bottles in total

Distilled in February 2008, this rum from CADC SA distillery has been matured in a re-fill rum cask. Aromas of burnt sugar and old leather combine with flavours of tropical almonds, crème de menthe and vanilla caramel, leaving a long, sustaining finish.

Da Gama Rum, Belize, 15 years old, 56.1% ABV, 260 bottles in total

Stepping forth in October 2007 from the Travellers distillery in Belize, the spirit has matured since then in a charred American white oak barrel.  The rum gifts us flavours of Plantan, Vanilla crème, stewed mango and tropical fruits, all leading to a long, lingering and complex finish.

Da Gama Rum, Australia, 16 years old, 55.3% ABV, 123 bottles in total  

This Pot-still distilled rum was distilled in 2007 and aged for more than 10 years in a virgin American oak cask, before being moved to a 1st fill bourbon cask until selected for bottling. The rum brings a combination of flavours, including old-fashioned liquorice, burnt sugar, caramel, menthol and sweet orange marmalade

Da Gama Rum, Belize, 17 years old, 54.9% ABV, 288 bottles in total

Distilled in Belize’s Travellers distillery in February 2006, spending its first 10 years in a cask of charred white oak, with the additional years of maturation being completed in a refill rum barrel for additional tropical accents.  Flavours of raisins and dark chocolate combine exquisitely with hints of Madeira cake, sweet chilli and orange zest.

Being of an adventurous nature, we wanted to explore the traditional Caribbean regions, along with countries such as Australia. This wide assemby of contents should give rum lovers an opportunity to see the variety, subtleties and flavours that each area contributes to our bottlings. Only a small amount of bottles are available of each rum, with each cask hand-picked and each bottle hand-labelled. With each release in this series being a limited edition, this is a rare opportunity to try something truly unique. We look forward to welcoming you on this new adventure, to enjoy the exquisite taste of this selection of rum as much as we do.

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