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Cask Noir ‘Thane of Fife’ wins

May 22, 2023

We were delighted when the most recent issue of Scottish Field Magazine arrived in the office last weekwith the results of this year’s Whisky Challenge, a blind tasting conducted by a panel of some of Scotland’s finest retailers and whisky bar owners.

We were honoured to see our  ‘Thane of Fife’ bottlling from the 1st batch of the Cask Noir range being named as the top dram in the £50-£100 category, amongst fierce competition from some superb, world-famous whiskies. 'Thane of Fife' is a wonderful Macduff from the Scottish Highlands which was matured in a 1st Fill Pedro Ximenez sherry hogshead for 10yo and bottled at the natural cask strength of 56.2% abv with an outturn of only 365 bottles. As is the case with all of our whisky releases, this it was bottled without chill-filtration and with natural colour. All of us here at Brave New Spirits love this dram for its creamy flavours, alongside strong cotton candy and lotus biscuits characteristics. A perfect desert dram after a filling hearty dinner.

Scottish Field magazine is a monthly lifestyle magazine that showcases Scotland, including the country’s natural beauty, history, culture, and people. It is published by Wyvex Media Ltd. and has been in circulation since 1903. The magazine covers a range of topics, including arts, fashion, style, travel, entertainment, food, drinks and much more. It also features interviews with notable Scots and in-depth features about Scottish life and society. Scottish Field is considered to be one of Scotland’s leading glossy magazines and is a popular read for both locals and those interested in Scotland from abroad. 

The Scottish Field Whisky Challenge is an annual competition held in Scotland. It is aimed at showcasing and recognizing the best whiskies produced in Scotland. The competition is open to all Scottish distilleries and independent whisky bottlers. The competition is judged by a panel of experts, including experienced tasters, industry professionals and connoisseurs. They evaluate the whiskies based on a range of criteria like aroma, taste, mouthfeel, colour, and finish. The winners of the Scottish Field Whisky Challenge receive recognition and profile-building exposure in the magazine, and other media outlets. 

This award has become a highly respected and popular event in the whisky industry in Scotland, attracting entries from some of the most esteemed distilleries and whisky producers. We are extremely flattered to be recognized by this iconic magazine and we are sure to raise a dram of our wonderful Macduff to celebrate its success.

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