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Brave New Spirits is supplying supermarkets and wholesalers all over the world with bulk products. Learn more about our products and visit our Party Department!


Yellow is the Answer: Brave New Spirits’ edition of the single cask bottlings. Carefully selected Scotch Whiskies within our bespoke wood policy. Whisky at its best - to delight connoisseurs from all over the world!

Time to do some Voodoo!

A whole range of magic potions, created by the master of ceremony himself, to defend against dark forces… or incite them!

A new walk in an old field
A new walk in an old field
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A Brave Team with
a Limitless Dream

Innovative, international and incredibly experienced; that is the team at Brave New Spirits Ltd. Here you can find out more about the people who will set out to supply you with great spirits from their Headquarters based in Glasgow.

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Connisseurs Department

Single Casks and Small Batches

Our heart beats for Scotland, and of course Scottish Distilleries. We love the ever-growing wood selection from Europe. Our horizons don’t end there; we work with many partners around the globe. Our spirits are available in an increasing number of countries, where we delight connoisseurs with our various series. If you want to learn more about our brands, click on the buttons below - or just treat yourself to several of our bottles!

Whisky of voodoo

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Cask Noir

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The yellow edition

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Royal Cabinet

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Party Department

Brave range of bulk products...

We at Brave New Spirits got a mission, and it´s one word only: Quality! And, okay, maybe, passion for tasty products. And, yes, there are some more arguments why to put our products on your supermarket`s shelf.

Brave New Spirits offers a selection of different products in the bulk sector, which differ in their various features - but they all have in common our claim for good quality on the one hand and a reasonable price-performance ratio on the other.

High-quality, 12-year-old Single Malt Scotch Whisky that have been filled into heavy glass decanters are just as much a part of it as a slightly smoky, quick-to-consume Blended Scotch Whisky. Find out more about the Highland Shepherd, Old Smitty's and our Celtic Revival here!

Our Bulk Products
Importing Whisky

We’ll get your Spirits into the UK…

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Exporting Whisky

…and we’ll send scotch whisky back out again

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