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Whisky of Voodoo: Launch of Batch #2

June 13, 2023

To the beat of the drums and the singing of the shamans, commence the Voodoo ceremony. With Batch 2 of its magnificent Whisky of Voodoo, it has come to charm, intrigue, and provoke you!

Whisky of Voodoo is a line of limited-edition Single Malt and Single Grain Whiskies. These carefully selected whiskies are aged and finished using the finest casks, frequently obtained from remote and exotic locations. Every year our annual reunion of Brave New Spirits Committee meets and carefully selects which casks from which Scotland’s distillery to batch and bottle.

A range of delectable drams is created to lure and fascinate its tribe! Casting flavour spells and incantation. With each drop, from casks and distilleries handpicked by a select few, the Whisky of Voodoo conjures magic and mystery.

Stepping forth from the cold dark Islands of the North, his magic incantations and rhythms once again lead us into new exciting realms with the 'Whisky of Voodoo: The High Priest' (52.6% ). 8-year-old Highland Park was matured in 1st fill Wine casks from the Islands and Burgundy Barriques. The main flavours offered by this whisky are crushed cranberries, bouquet garni, heather and sweet mince pies.

Carved centuries ago to celebrate retribution and eternal damnation 'Whisky of Voodoo: Mask of Death' (55%) is back for the next adventure. It’s a 10-year-old Dailuaine from Speyside, matured in Bourbon Barrels, and has a flavour of candied almonds, rosewater, honey, and poppy seeds.

A tip of the hat and a sweep of the broom to days of yore black magic and mystery combine to produce a bewitchingly good whisky that of 'Whisky of Voodoo: The Iron Collar' (57%). It’s a 12-year-old Ardmore from the eerie valleys of the Highlands, matured in ex-Islay Barrels. It offers the flavours of salted caramel, sweet pear, green papaya, and roasted pistachios.

The cult takes hold and makes a welcome comeback from the Scottish Highlands with 'Whisky of Voodoo: Dancing Cultist' (55.1%). This 7-year-old Blair Athol from the was matured in 1st fill Oloroso Sherry casks. It features ingredients like coriander, raw coconuts, and creole barbecue sauce.

A rare and memorable occurrence prompted by the alignment of mystical lunar worlds with a new 'Whisky of Voodoo: Blood Moon' (49.8%). This 13-year-old grain whisky comes from North British distillery in the ethereal Scottish Lowlands. Aged in first-fill barrels of Bordeaux wine and sherry. It tastes like homemade jam, dried fruit, raisins, and roasted conkers.

A true lucky charm from the Hoodoo World comes to the 'Whisky of Voodoo: Black Cat Bone' (54.1%). This 12-year-old Speyside Single Malt from Benrinnes distillery was matured in 1st fill Tawny Port casks, offering the flavours of dried peach, nuts and wood spice.

The Whisky of Voodoo from Batch 2 is released to quench the thirst of individuals who are craving seriously magical Single Malt Whisky. If you wish to take part in our Voodoo cult, the bottles are available now from our Brave New Spirits headquarters.

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