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WHISKYHEROES: Germany exclusive bottlings

April 30, 2024

Our recently launched WhiskyHeroes collection features eight unique whiskies, each a single-cask or small-batch release. These whiskies have been matured or finished in the finest sherry casks or high-quality bourbon barrels. The initial release includes selections from Highland, Speyside, Lowland, and Islay regions, featuring whiskies from Linkwood, Blair Athol, and the newer Annandale. The range also includes a whisky from an undisclosed Speyside distillery and a Single Grain release from Cameronbridge.

Additionally, we have released three exclusive WhiskyHeroes releases for the German market, showcasing our commitment to providing unique and rare options for whisky enthusiasts. Limited releases and small-batch bottlings are always popular, showing how much German connoisseurs appreciate unique and rare whiskies. Our WhiskyHeroes releases offer an exciting adventure for whisky lovers, marked by character, power, and exquisite taste.

These whiskies come from the Speyside, Highland and Island regions, each with distinctive flavours. Our selection includes whiskies from the Loch Lomond, Jura and Aberlour distilleries. Whether it’s Jura's peaty intensity, Loch Lomond's smooth complexity, or Aberlour's fruity elegance, our Germany-exclusive releases are guaranteed to thrill and inspire with every sip.

"A Shriek in the Mist," a name that perfectly captures this whisky’s essence. With only 73 bottles available, this Speyside gem was distilled at Aberlour distillery and finished in small Pedro Ximénez Sherry Octave casks. It’s a 12 year old malt, bottled at 49,8% abv. This rare single malt balances lightness and richness, featuring notes of salted caramel, honey muesli, summery BBQ, and baked potatoes.

"In the Deep" reveals the secrets hidden in the depths of Loch Lomond. This lightly peated, Inchmurin edition, whisky was matured in a 1st fill Bourbon Barrel, resulting in a total of 215 bottles. The 10-year-old Highlander enchants the palate with flavours of banana cake, fruit cake, shortcrust pastry, liquorice, and roasted almonds. Bottled at a robust 57% ABV, it packs a powerful punch.

Then there’s "Sanctum of the Deer" which stands as a guardian of the Isle of Jura's breathtaking, untouched landscape. This island whisky, finished in First Fill Oloroso Sherry Barrique, boasts a pure flavour profile: white hyacinth and morning flowers blend seamlessly with tangy lemon peel and a hint of fresh laundry. It’s 13 years old and bottles at 54%. A total of 277 bottles were released.

At Brave New Spirits, we pride ourselves on our bespoke bottling service, crafting exclusive bottles tailored for different markets. Our dedicated team works closely with distilleries to select unique casks that reflect the distinct preferences and palates of each region. This personalized approach ensures that every bottle we produce is a rare and special find, perfectly suited to local tastes. As we look to the future, we aim to expand this service even further, offering whisky enthusiasts around the world the chance to experience an even greater array of exceptional, one-of-a-kind spirits.

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