Voodoo Whisky

Whisky of Voodoo is our range of special,small-batch single malt and single grain whiskies.  Designed to entice & enchant, thesecarefully selected whiskies are martured and finished using the finest casks,often sourced from exotic, far flung locations.


Key Facts

• 6 - 18 years old Scotch Whisky
• Undisclosed Distilleries; maybe including spirit distilled at Highland Park Distillery, Macallan Distillery, Blair Athol Distillery, Glenrothes Distillery, Dailuaine Distillery and and and...
• Small batches
• Two to three releases per year with a varying selecting of different Voodoo makes
• Age, region and some main characteristica stated on the labels
• Bottled at natural or cask strength (up to 59% abv)
• Brave New Spirits Wood Policy

These Voodoo elixirs are reaching an ever greater range of countries around the world, and receiving an ever increasing number of top accolades on the world stage:

World Whisky Awards 2023, Scotland Category Winner, Small Batch Single Malt 12 years & under

People’s Choice Drinks Awards (UK): Shortlist finalist 2023, “Scotch Heroes” category

World Whisky Awards 2023,  Scotland Category Winner, Grain 13-20 years

Our releases so far

batch #2 coming soon...