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Closing the year with awards from World Whisky Awards 2024

December 9, 2024

The World Whiskies Awards is a highly anticipated event in the spirit industry. It brings together whisky enthusiasts, industry professionals and distinguished experts to celebrate the diversity and craftsmanship of the whisky industry. Held annually, this prestigious competition recognises and honours whiskies from around the globe.

This year the celebration took place in the beautiful Signet Library in Edinburgh. The winners of the World Whiskies Awards Scotland 2024 as well as the Icons of Whisky Scotland and the two new Hall of Fame inductees were announced During the Whisky Magazine Awards 2024 gala. On this night Whisky Magazine was also celebrating its spectacular 25th anniversary.

Paul Dempsey from Brave New Spirits Ltd. had the privilege to attend the event and collect a couple of meaningful awards for our amazing spirits. Delighted to receive these awards - they mean such a lot to our team here:

Cask Noir “Hector’s Sound of Islay” (Caol Ila 12yo): Category Winner & Gold Medal - Single Cask Single Malt, Islay, 12yrs & Under.

Voodoo “Blood Moon” (North British 13yo): Category Winner & Gold Medal, Grain, 13 - 20yrs.

Ecosse G 12yo Single Grain 12yo: Silver Medal, Grain 12yrs & under.

Cask Noir “Take It To The Brig” (Cameronbridge 12yo): Silver Medal, Single Cask Single Grain, 12yrs & under.

Voodoo “High Priest” (Orkney 8yo): Bronze Medal, Small batch single malt, 12yrs & under.

Our thanks to all the judges, organisers and fellow producers for such an amazing and memorable evening. The event offered an opportunity to explore and discover new flavours, learn about different distilleries and styles, and fuel the passion for the world's beloved amber elixir. It served as a platform for sharing knowledge, and fostering a deeper sense of community among whisky enthusiasts. A super way to close off our year here at Brave New Spirits Ltd.

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