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Brave New Spirits is supplying supermarkets and wholesalers all over the world with bulk products. Learn more about our products and visit our Party Department!


Brave New Spirits’ edition of the single cask bottlings. Carefully selected Scotch Whiskies within our bespoke wood policy. Whisky at its best - to delight connoisseurs from all overthe world!

Time to do some Voodoo!

A whole range of magic potions, created by the master of ceremony himself, to defend against dark forces… or incite them!

ImportERS & Partners

Brave New Spirits is a supplier of spirits for specialized retail stores and supermarkets all over the world. For sales we have partners in various countries who import our Whiskys and other liqueurs and sell them in their respective markets.

We also offer products such as Whisky, Gin, Rum or Vodka in bulk and support our customers with logistics, filling and packaging.

Furthermore, we are partner of independent bottlers from all over the world that are bottling outstanding Scotch Single Malt Whisky. We supply exceptional makes, maturing in a variety of different casks. Please note, we are only offering casks of Whisky for bottling purpose.

If you like to get in touch with us, for a quote, to become an importer of our products or maybe to become a supplier for our stock, please send us an email! It´s best to reach out for Adam - he loves receiving emails from nice chaps from all over the world :)