Connoisseurs Department

Our heart beats for Scotland, and of course Scottish Distilleries. We love the ever-growing wood selection from Europe. Our horizons don’t end there; we work with many partners around the globe. Our spirits are available in an increasing number of countries, where we delight connoisseurs with our various series. If you want to learn more about our brands, click on the buttons below - or just treat yourself to several of our bottles!

Whisky of voodoo

A legendary cult with many mystical secrets: This is our Whisky of Voodoo! Many sacrifices had to be made in order to be able to steal them from the high priest in a dark night...

Do the Voodoo!

Cask Noir

An exquisitely curated range of single cask whiskies from Scotland’s finest distilleries.

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The yellow edition

Attention, Attention! This is our edition of single cask bottlings with our own Wood Policy! Carefully selected casks, most of them filled for the 1st time with Scotch Whisky. Bottled at natural high strength and with lots of details on the label.

Discover the Yellow Edition

Royal Cabinet

These are our editions of Blended Scotch Whiskies of exceptional age & quality.

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