Brave New Spirits Ltd proudly presents their new series of independently bottled Scotch Whiskies: The Cask Noir Editions.

Starting life in some of Scotland’s finest studios (aka “distilleries”) each release takes inspiration from classic movies and novels from a bygone era.  From thrilling and adventurous to dark, romantic and mysterious, these whiskies embark on a journey of discovery, into an exceptional world of exotic flavours and interesting & unusual casks.   Each production boasts a cast of characters carefully chosen, and perfect in their role.Each and every release is selected by an experience panel, and the producer’s philosophy is quite simple: Taste is the key to the enhusiast’s heart.  Our aim is to become renowned for high quality, delicious and interesting releases. We care about provenance & age, but the selection for each release is driven foremost by flavour.

secret agents

"Secret Agents" is a collection of Whiskies from famous, but undeclared distilleries. Every label contains a cryptic reference to the distillery, without divulging the true identity, and we’re happy to see whisky enthusiasts investigate & speculate as to where the whisky might have been born.

Oscar Selections

The “out of the ordinary”  - some of our whiskies have been matured or finished in interesting, unusual or exotic casks, sourced from far-flung lands.  Red Wine Barriques from South America, France or Italy. Tequila Casks from Mexico, Rum Barrels from the Caribbean, and more… - the list of exceptional oak is long, always an interesting experience and another good reason to talk about our Whisky.

Cheeky little Rascals Studios

Some of our Whiskies are gregarious and full of character, though still quite young.  Despite their young age, they performed so well in the casting call that they made the final cut.  These young stars of the future now have the opportunity to show the world just how good they are.

Our releases so far